Sunday, November 6, 2011

The muggy cool o' Melbourne
Swept, lost, loose.
Its a rope, no its a snake, no its a rope.
Upanishadic references in ano
Its that rockabilly muggins mugg.
Clubs'n'Socs, club Abruzzio.
A thousand teachings,
The deep-brown eyes o'
A thousand disapproving Calabrian octogenerians.
Quater-back, Half-back.
Hump till ya chaff (like yesterdays visits)
Belt on belt up blogger me this
Sold us a charm
Bought in and bought out
Lilt 'n' liver
Passover, quiff, crux
Disquiet and poorly
A bigger rape (!)
And self-managed
Seasons in the dirt
and bellicose gag
gape up me turk
and soothe the rag
Splinter and Sam
Pulling semen
Servings, neatly divested.
Episodic and dispepsic
Like driving a car
Like soiling
Like vermillion
Chancre chancre chancre
Cares and Airs
Sexpo 2011
Sex party
Don't make any sense
Like its the swinging capital of australasia
Curious and coloured
Xenomorph, xenomorph
Its a bug hunt
Unresponsive and taut

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