Friday, September 16, 2011

performance and participation ,,,why?

You look out at the world via the internet and occasionally with eyes, and you notice - so much music, so many bands, names names names, gigs, gigs, gigs...absolute saturation, so many options and so many names - some grab you , other wash over you like so much dross, too many bands.
How does one make a difference swimming in this sea of acts and festivals and parties? Melbourne is awash with performance, but it's difficult to pin-point the essential amongst the routine. And here I am, yet another act - another odd name, how to get a foot it, another name amongst the thousands, in fact.....why? Why add yourself to the mountain? It seems so spread out, spread thin, hobbyists bands, weekenders, a media machine, networks and knowledge, gate keepers and venue mafias, lobbyists and journalists, soundmen and industry hoods....a gimmick is required? A super-power? A story? Ach...heres my manifesto:

1. Do not compete, for it is an impossible and vain task.
2. Perform where and when one desires, expect nothing, perform with strength.
3. Distribute as much music and merch as possible at each show.
4. Forget 'scenes' , both micro and macro.
5. Forget Melbourne's cultural histories and narratives, perform without a tradition in mind.
6. Perform, talk, party, go home, forget.
7. No lust of result except subjective aesthetic/meditative/gnostic aims.
8. industries come and industries go - be timeless . Longevity is a virtue.

there you are, a very personal list.

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