Tuesday, September 6, 2011

adventureship stewardism

Like blarney
and brine
And frank
The skull
the breaking point
the pug-nose
the cap-n-trade

hey brits, tooth and nail rock-hop,
nuttin no-body dun not much about it.
so cream on dat, hair-pin
Hey fella,
treacle, tweedle dee,
chanting french referenitalist swine-herders
and other sufistic happenings

I blanched whatever yokes needed it,
And bought off broker, stoker, and yam.
Longer piedemont
and two-thronged dowery blossoms
In package deal
after breaker breaker
and valence

How bout it
The cradle, the yawn, the maelstrom
The brogue
the conch and the pine
the mob and the gob
oh spritely spritely spritley

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