Friday, August 26, 2011

crude, mad nanna, sohei, levitating churches, satanic rockers

The Idgaff is a great little hole in the wall pub/bar with a lil' stage. Grimy and perfect for kiwi rock.

Sohei is a hard-working welder/artist from Japan who wields and welds infectious heavy dub step industro-noise beato breaker breaker fucky. Nice opener. Nice beats.
Mad Nanna take the stage and their presence, the 'frame' of the band reminds me of the Puddle. The trio play a curious stripped back rock, Patrick wacks out deep detuned tones over Michaels simple riffery . After seeing them 3 times i think its only now that I'm starting to understand what theyre about. Its a kind of simplicity, a sort of basic honesty (in a dishonest town of shonky second hand dealers, rats,corrupt cops and wannabe femme fatales) a fragility and a twisted monster looming underneath it all. Like the subconcious. Like Melbourne i suppose. I thoroughly enjoyed their set.
My instruments are still sitting in a fuckin crate in Lyttleton, so i go for an ultra stripped back set, vocals over a backing piece - the old throbbing classic 'beta test' -as lazy as you can get i suppose - here are the 'lyrics' which i wrote the avo before the show...

Econometric Pace
Econometric space
Keep plugging it in
Playing to win
We keep up the pace
The swill of the race
Dominate all over
Marshes and grasslands and plains
Hop on hop off
Torrent leechers line the beaches
Hawkers marry chavs
And heat and sweat and
Liquifaction and
Precarious formations
Precariously perched
over a bottomless gulf
Key industry players siphon their cut
bloodless coup in the chicken coupe
droplets and couplets and hipster families
procreate in a jelly-like formation
Oh determinism
No free will just one liners
Just the best you can give
Heave ho! Heave ho!
heave ho! Heave ho!
Gab gifted
A sodomite grifter
A rag-tag bunch
Head hollow, scooped out
The hunchback of South Dunedin
Calabrian war lords
Latin lovers
break the fucken world record
We wont notice the collapse
Heave ho! Heave ho!
Heave ho! Heave ho!
Life and Style
Wife and smile
Christ and bile
Worth yer while
Many faceted
Figures and Motifs
Artless Intent
Artless drop-out
Tnagled up
Tangled hair-matted
into a filthy stinking dread-lock
And we praise him accordingly
Heave ho! Heave ho!\
Heave ho! Heave ho!

Levitating Churches are next, a 5 piece band. They rock and they rock and they rock on till the freaking break of dawn. Dead by dawn. Dawn of the dead. Dawn to dusk. Red Dawn. Dawn. Matt Alien continues the tradition where others have given up or gotten out of town.
Satanic Rockers were last. And i do a grande diservice to the organiser and I bloody well miss them. Ill see them again, its bound. With a name like that man, theyll come right back into my life like a cursed penny. No doubt the band was creepy and sckronking like king loser on booze.

Melbourne. Hipsters...everywhere. Don't forget to roll up the bottom of yr jeans. Went to an opening today and i felt so bloody uncool and stupid and alien. An intensly draining experience. A droll, lilting urban unfriendliness, its hard to explain. Of course, i'm convinced everyone thinks im a cop, which is ironic because every other hip fucker wears a moustache. So many fucking moustaches. And full beards. And moustaches. Do women like kissing guys with beards? Do women like getting head from guys with beards? Do women like beards? I suppose they must do. Does a hipster grow a beard to attract a mate or to wear it as a thing of prestige or of status? Is it a code of honour thing? a sign? A sort of initiation rite? I must be jealous. what with my silly little face and boyish demeanour. And my southland accent. And my 90s sillouette.

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