Thursday, March 10, 2011

Crude Transactions release party perspectives

How bout that Charlie Sheen. Channeling the soul of some mid-20th century American novellist with crack-rock fury. The whole WORLD is watching. A strange distraction. My reading has moved away from the great Stoics and Cynics of Greece and Rome back eastward again into South India and its Advaita Vedanta traditions. The Upanishads, Adi Sankara, Ramana Maharshi, Brahmanism. The soul is eternal, indivisible and is both Atman and Brahman. We must enquire within and find our true self beyond ego beyond time beyond body beyond space. In the end we find Brahman. Such richness in this philosophy and so many parellels to Daoism and Zen Buddhism. The ancient Upanishads are a document as important as the Lao Tzu, as deep as the Zen doctrines.
And a big FUCK YOU to the National Party, sneaking through their neo-liberal anti-life anti-worker anti-r+d policies while we're all preoccupied by the earthy-quake. Thats electioneering GOLD for the National Party eh. World cup! Rugby and Money is ALL WE CARE ABOUT EH. Fuck em, Im outta here mate. Gooodbye NZ and good fucking riddance. It really does make you wonder if it was HAARP all along.
So we threw the Crude Transactions release party the other night, and it was a potent little mix of good people and performers with the ability to adapt and survive.
Beagle boys. First thing, I'd like to thank my lovely wife Christine for doing the door . That is one job i just don't seem to be able to handle - people streaming in in pugnacious spurts, pretending not to even notice you sitting there, people wanting to 'see someone' or 'use the toilet', people who simply will not pay because they're related to one of the musicians, groups of American tourists pouring in en masse - in these situations i would usually crumble into a twitching altruistic mass, guilt complexes from fifteen years ago raising their ugly heads again, letting people in all over the place, in fact I'm convinced that if people even LOOK at me they'll assume they can get in free. Perhaps its the amount of free content i have online or something. Its quite possible the fact i have so much free content has other musicians fuming. The amount of 'fuck offs' i get when I'm onstage (especially when im playing with Idiot Prayer or Mr Biscuits or something) says it all. I'm a dinosaur who's holding all the new blood back. I'm personally responsible for these acts not getting the complete attention they deserve. Why is it that I can get away with playing shitty music and its considered
'art' ? Whats so special about me? The musician union want me out. And soon ill be giving you what you want!! Yehawwwww!!!! You can have your Matt M free world finally!! But i digress ---I'm 'pulling a Charlie '(Sheen). Chris turned them away like a trooper. Shes my rock. My crack rock.
First up was an installation of sorts, FM radios positioned around the bar ready to receive the master transmission, conspicuous bugging, geo-spatial vectors. Radiotronic and Tesla conscious. Radio Cegeste relayed the piece we had worked on for the cd. The space resonated with tinny splendor. Lil' radio under the pillow when you were 6, on acid. Or something.
Next was Wu, or Wu version one before Alex MacKinnon joined our ranks. Lee Noyes is an absoloute joy to improvise with. He drums like a painter. Very painterly drumming. Flitter flicker and glissando. Pollock. Scratch and snuff. Toking. Purple. Tenor and clarient and Shawm. Clack.
Next up was oh yeah BLACK YOGHURT . And MAN he ruled it. He was slick, pro, bleeding edge and playing great arpegiated songs on a Roland Juno 6. Top marks.What ho. Part two coming soooon

end of part one

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