Friday, February 18, 2011


The new libertarian me. (Tui beer : Yeah Right). Crude 2011. Its a business now, I'm a sole trader. So lets have a meeting. Got tees to sell, figures to justify. Music to produce, markets to infiltrate.
I am now a married man, i got this huge chunk of gold on my left hand. 2 beautiful new microphones, external soundcard/interface, 1 TB data storage(I know...ONLY 1), hundreds of blank discs and millions of sheets of card for making cd covers. Printer ink. Website. Bits of brain left.
Here in Dunedin theres a real mercantile buzz, new galleries for contemporary art practices have popped up, we have Rice and Beans, Jim Currins private experimental theatre, 'A' Gallery and new studio spaces everywhere.
Its always a good year for sound art when Lines of Flight is happening. Crude won't be performing this year, but I have the duty of reviewing the festival for Gilbert Mays Kunst Kultur zine. So in a sense, I suppose i will be performing after all.

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