Monday, November 29, 2010

end times jukeboxx set #2

end times jukeboxx show /radio one for 29th nov.....

notstandkomitee - interstellare liebe
Vanemuine - Boggart
mono atro - Oliva
siegmar fricke - dysmorphic contact
kim cascone - brown fox
camp - untitled
ten and tracer - glad to generalize with you
tg live dimensia + scorched earth
Akira Rabelais - 4 (edit iii) nt
Freur - Doot Doot ext 12" mix
Abruptum - in ictu oculi
tuxedomoon - what use
the lucky dragons - realistic rhythm
seht - way in the middle of the air
SND - push 5
COCasper - Sort of Things
Der Plan - ich bin schizophren
Atrax Morgue - in Dahmers ApartmeNT
Dick the Phone - off to work
SPK - another dark age (live)

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