Monday, February 8, 2010

microreview 01 / copy copy release

The Copy Copy release instore do at Records Records last weekend placed a blunt needle into the virginal undersole of 2010...stylized keyboard excess the predominant motif of the being a good boy...the right people making appearances for just the right amount of time...just the right dose of indifference..just the right amount of enthusiasm - just a little - not too much, not too an average sized chappy ....just right..micro-local informational pamphlet ...a7 even...crude (me!me! plain conservatively dressed small-faced unremarkably statured legend in-ones-own-mind) belted out electronic throbs...lurid night-time musics in a hot hot afternoon..anomalous, anachronistic and amateur...but beat off i did and the micro-operatics refused to falter in the heat..the sun and the eyes on my skin..on my blood/brain barriers...Ended on judas priest loop and computer-speak--then the newest batch of rockers rocked-ed--subverting the steam-punk thematics with enthusiastic theres a new band for the other new bands to collude wif , Brainleak is their name-o. Lee Noyes couldn't make the show unfortunately..Murderbike took the stage to the sound of a deathly synthetic motorcycle sample...robo-garage...medium-fi...languid and evil...swamp synths, the dadaist fetish that is the tone generating excercycle..always nasty fun in my book..
a sponataneous collab assembled nextly, with records records owner owner manager manager duane zarakov meting out signature cuts on his trap-kit,,,crude on doomed gat free psych and iso12 spewing sporadic korg flakes...audience filtration systems..with the exception of Kim Pieters and Sally McCintyre..then onto None for an obnoxious tirade of matty's mental verbal diarrohea/bollox (sorry everyone) . Great party - you work hard - you get to play hard. In my book any completed publication be it a7 or a1000 or otherwise is a triumph because in my experience everone is seemingly working on some sort of zine and only a small portion of these are ever seen in print soooo.. may copy copy keep comin'...especially in these days of insidiously stealthy media consolidation..on a big scale. Of course, watch out for the corporates copy copy...would hate to see the a7 look usurped ....they got spies..agents...moles...

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