Monday, May 20, 2019

i use huawei tech and do business with Iran daily

billionaires in open site

I should be rich. And i am. I look like a pauper, but im actually so utterly rich , i simply must look poor. I am an eccentric billionaire.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

how to convert an ebook into an audio book

I love reading non-fiction. However, sometimes I have trouble staying concentrated as the pages go by, and I often give up on a book half way through. I have found though that if i am read to, I seem to soak it up in a different way, and its easier to focus on the subject matter at hand. I am what they call an aural learner.

There are thousands of audio books available online, but not everything has been read. I stumbled upon a great piece of 'text-to-speech' software that allows me to convert whole e-books into audio books, without fuss and relatively quickly.

 The voices are computerized but they are human and familiar enough to be tolerable. The voice handles pronunciation and punctuation brilliantly.

You can convert a research paper into a wav or mp3 file. Listen to it on transit to work. Learn while you earn. And no - I'm not being paid to promote this product - i just love it and want to share it.

Heres a link to the product:

How to make an audio book .
Select your text,  usually it will be a .pdf . If you use Adobe pdf reader go to View>Page Display>Two page Scrolling
then Edit>Select All
All text should be highlighted at this point. Then Edit>Copy

then , open your prefered Text reader - for Windows its Notepad.
Bring up an empty page , then Edit>Paste.
The text should appear. Save the file.

Open TTS Reader.  Select File>Open    - select your new text file and it will open in TTS
Then Tool>Read to Mp3 .

Before this stage you can configure TTS reader - select where you want files to be saved to, you can adjust speech volume, speed, and pitch. Its great!

Depending on how long your book is (a 400 page book will render for about 10 minutes) you will soon have a fresh new mp3 to listen to. Its easy . Its like having Steven Hawking whispering in your ear. Its great for cramming. Its great for neuro-linguistic programming experimentation. I have thousands of hours of audio books devoted to the subject of Hindu Philosophy. Lately its been Computer Science and Radio Engineering.

If you have a particularly large book you want to convert , say, something 1000 or so pages long, you will need to split it up. The easiest way to do this is to use a piece of freeware called 'Text file Splitter'. It allows you to cut the notepad file into several , which will make it easier for TTS reader to handle. I split a large 1200 page book into 5 pieces, text file splitter splits by 'number of lines' - so 10,000 lines rendered into 10 hours of reading. Link:

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Nothing Doing

Taking pride in non-productivity this time. Today, I am contributing nothing to the productivity pool. 
I have put down the instruments of productivity and urinated on them, smiling all the while, a toddler-like gurgle. Barking and whooping like a loon. 

Taking absolute pride in this new outlook : I'm doing nothing. I am not productive . I do not work hard, let alone smart. I have not accomplished anything of note for years. And I am proud of this. No art, no music, no creativity. I'm contributing nothing. I'm not moving.
 I'm a corpse, static, engorged with formaldehyde. I am proud of my weaknesses, I am proud of my failings.

 I ponder my actions and think about Kants categorical imperative. What if everybody did nothing. We'd be in trouble . Who would wash Mrs Binghams flab mould out? Guess its a little bit irresponsible. And childish. But, thats what I am - Jordan Peterson has defined my class already. 

Work - go to hell. Enough work has been done already. What more needs to be done. 
Maintenance? Of what?  More growth? More efficiency? More stuff? More plastic?

Nothing doing - doing nothing for the enterprise. Nothing for the great banking families. Barclays bank won't be employing me today. Best i could do for them is maybe ping one of their servers.

And Adam Curtis schooled me with his 'Hypernormalisation' piece : the artists who embrace the great self-expressive urge - they have been played by Capital. Individualization is but marketization. Even the output of the avant garde.. . Even the arts - they are but markets - small ones of course - but slivers of a massive pie nonetheless. 

 The catharsis of the artist is a marketing device - the art - but another commodity. Adam Curtis suggest that true 'radicalism' is to stop advertising ones doings, stop producing any art and disappear off the bloody radar.