Wednesday, January 2, 2019


revie w


         space mining venture
                                ...........pluck'd string
                         OVOID (in) appearance


I am not Italian

No, i am not.
I am not Italian.
I am not Italian.
I am not English.
I am not Maori.
I am not French.
I am not. American.
I am not African (well, ultimately, I am )
I am not Indian.
I am not Greek .
I am not Russian.

new year eve 2018

Theres a switch.
The 2020s .
"'I' was born a passenger".
Big fortuna awaits 'ems,
(Big).. gusts o' wynd
Peppery; vinegar'd:
shard rain down 'on y'
Stinky stinky block (block universe)
member: ochr'd and tumeric'd.
A lasting notation, shuffl'd, stuff'd and turn'd oot.
boys ov algebra (ho!)
boys of statistics (ho!)
0000 b

Bari, -(city)

Saturday, December 29, 2018

the decade that was part 2

 ...Oi, and/or 'oi' ?
Can I assume no-one cares ? Is that the default position here in society? Because I truly would prefer that to be so. But - if you didn't care, why would you waste your god-given (?) time reading this uroboric self-referencing cods-wollop? So, perhaps you heard something - you're reading this because someone said something once.
And on receipt of this ooze, I bet you're rejecting it...this....this...waffle...But there I go again. Doing peoples thinking for them - a crime I am too often utterly guilty of. And of all other crimes - I am innocent. If you have a problem with me - you better talk to me in person. I am utterly harmless and completely approachable. Don't think calling me a 'dick' when you see me in the street will achieve anything - because I am not what you 'see'. So i am awkward. How is that your problem?

Anyways. What a decade. Has society reached maturation? If so, which one? Ours? Yours? It seems corruption is still de-rigeur up the hallways of power -- that hasn't really changed since day dot that what no-one cares about? Probably. I mean gee - what on earth can you do about that? Power hungry people are just gonna be that forever and a day.  There's no stopping it is there. (Is there?)  No. No way. They're just going to get away with it - forever. (prove me wrong..someone?)
Apathy is ever so seductive. Revolution just means sleeping in a cell with your face smacked in. You still have to go to the supermarket for toilet paper the next day, either way. They've snuffed out the, how do you say, the ,,incentive to be a Socialist over the last 10 years.

The twenties are coming. Phase 1 of complete labour automation right? Why hire anyone for anything? These damn humans, needing to be fed and housed and such -  its a right nuisance isn't it.
Calvanist work ethic used to be in the interest of the employer and employee. In future it looks like it will not be in anyones interest. Because no-one will be needed to work. What will the ideologues do then? Work is life right? Without work , a man is nothing right? A life of leisure? Noone will know what to do with themselves! It won't feel right will it - to be able to live and have fun day in day out.
Without having to work for it. Its just wrong isn't it.  We will work until every last earthly resource is gutted. And then we'll work some more.

....If no-one cares I guess I may as well just keep writing this drivel. I mean - what difference does it make?  (oh yeah - that right -  I'm dramatically changing the outcome of the US elections of 2254) Only a handful of people care if i live or die - really, why should i stop doing anything? I mean - think about it. Out there in society there are people who really would not care if I lived, grew rich and had a thousand descendants - or  died penniless and . I guess - theres a general understanding weaving through society - a social contract - let people live and let live - leave them to their business and as long as they don't hurt me - they can grow rich or grow poor.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

The decade that was part 1

    ......Tap. This particular blog has been a thing since 2010. It will continue through to the end of 2019.....La Decennie Brut.

The Crude Decade. What seemed like a year in my youth is now a decade. A decade is a decent stretch of time. As I age years no longer cut it as a temporal marker, they just click by in a puff. Newflash - a drone has closed down a British airport. Seriously? Brilliant. Oh - they've brought in the army. 

Hey. So thats almost 9 years blogging. (12 if you include the earlier Crude blogs ..the crude decade (the events of 2009) , and the official crude blog 2008

And so....what of it. Well, what. What? Left Dunedin in 2011, moved to Melbourne. Worked my ass off over there and came home in 2018. Melbourne was a time. A beautiful city - marred by a few terrible crimes when i was there. 

....Where do people go when they decide to carry out these crimes? What motivates them, what are the thought processes that take place  - when in their thought sequencing does the do it command 
appear? What within them justifies what they do? How strong is this command, is there a voice that tries to reason with them at any point? 

The Crude decade was a maelstrom. It was a sea of shit. It was a struggle, a spattering of a few rare good moments amongst curdling psychologic grind.  

But there were good souls - I worked alongside a group of wonderful Nepalese people who taught me alot about life. I was able to nurture my research into Indian metaphysical thought with these people, bouncing off some ideas of my own, accessing their stories, contrasting their lifestyles with my own - comparing the vacuity of the white modern capitalist lifestyle with the metered , family-centered life plan of the Nepalese. To have children, to have property, to be part of a dynasty, to live in the service of others and to respect your ancestors, to work hard and not live for the fleeting pleasures of the moment.  And team work . Team team team. Team. Team work. 

Who else - a gaggle of Australian eccentrics came in and out of my life. Musicians. One of whom died. I was a pain. I started acts and then stopped them as soon as a modicum of public interest stewed. 
Selfish and paranoid was I . I recorded approxiamtely 5 albums of Crude material, and a Metal ep. Here, here they are: 




Monday, December 3, 2018

review: david byrne,the wendys, hellfire club

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Motivation and reward - unemployed edition.

So. How is it done?


....And a knock at the door and it is Ox with an offer I could not refuse - free tickets to see David Byrne perform live at the great stadium venue down the road. I mean i was ready to pack it in for the evening,,but hey. On processing the wholly unexpected offer-oony I thought it prudent to just go along with it. And what a night we were in store for! Many thanks to Ox for making it all possible...

You know  - some fairly big name acts make their way south to Christchurch - the worlds gateway to Antarctica. We've had shows here by Bob Dylan, Queens of the Stone Age, the Dead Kennedys, Genesis, Queen, Malcolm Maclaren, Juniper Networks, GE money, Twitter, next year there'll be even Bryan bloomin' Adams even. (Even). And....Slayer!>?

Arrived late at bloomin' venue and were processed. Now, at this juncture I play a little Boolean game with meself - does it mean I'm an alcoholic if I won't go in to see the performance until I've got me a beer? I mean, you have to like line up for a beer, and it took 'em a fair while to process our order. From within i could hear the inimitable timbre of Byrne. I was missing the show to get a stinking beer. Alcoholic = TRUE. I say to Xtine - "hey, isn't that a Talking Heads song?". David Byrne's show was a highly stylized, fully choreographed piece of minimalist theatre. Musicians switched roles, danced, sung, acted. They were coaxed into 2 encores. They played the 1980s radio hits 'road to nowhere' and 'burning down the house' deftly amongst a slew of new Byrne compositions.
Each performer was dressed in modern steel grey suits, each song boasted a tailor-made dance accompanyment. Their sound was pristine. David Byrne looked ever-so European with his silver hair. Talking Heads are truly part of the psyche of any gen X'er - their hits were blasted on the radio throughout that formative decade, and still..even now you hear them on commercial radio. What to make of Byrnes new stuff?  Suave, odd, afro/cajun, knowing, dancey, african, west african, africanian, skiffle, reflective, hard-bop, fank, granular, punker, democrat, preacher, mixed media,layered, bhang, amsterdam, sun microsystems, larry, shadow boxing, connectionism, go to 20. Their second encore (give them a break chch- I know you paid $150 a ticket but they're probably tired as all hell at this juncture of their world tour - i know - im a (kind of) musician - you wanna just go home and put your feet up and pet the motel's cat) was an odd new orleans/indian chief (Treme?) type afro/march call-and-response number where the audience are called on to repeat the name of someone (a raft of people ive never heard of) - for example - Bob Smith (?) - 'say his name' - there was a strange urgency and almost some sort of anger in the singers tone as we were called upon, say his fucken name you redneck - Bobby Smith - who was he - what was his thing - was he a fallen soldier? a black man killed by the cops? an artist? a writer? someone struck down by AIDS? A trangendered person? A community leader? A man lynched by the KKK ? It was odd and almost confronting ..
And we (me ox and xtine) left because we needed to make it to the last freaking night of one of the last rockin' venues in greater christ's church aka lyttleton, the dastardly blasphemously title 'hellfire club'. The (probably anglican)'tea-tottling brits' on the lyttleton council saw it necessary to close the joint. Because. Health 'n' safety? More than 2 people congregating in one area in public? I dunnow. Its that insidious world-wide boring-ification gradually working its way into our everyday narrative, and we accept it all willingly. Because politico-corporate power talks. Where do i sign? Safety over life? Safety barriers built upon safty barriers>? Children we be - the public. The public of the town. The workers and students, the volk who deserve a drink at an actual pub at the end of the work week. And to see a band and listen to some Iggy Pop. And to have another one. And to have a smoke and holler and let your hair down. No. No, you won't be doing that. No  no, you will be paying through the nose for boutique swill. And don't swear or yell, you'll upset someones delicate yogic constitution/chakra calibration. Another nail in rock and/or Rolls coffin i believe. I cant talk though - i am all for quietism these days, im letting my old rock and roll friends down constantly with my fickle ungrounded directionlessness.
And so, a channel for the Cruder to proliferate it's vile sound-arts had closed. I see swarms of would-be venue-ists collaborating - hip hoppers, skateboarders, rich kids from Haast. They could like, takeover? And bake a prison. And for the networks , we dig. We dig deep . I sit on the wharf, whip out the Hewlett Packard and search for unsecure networks. A security guard truck whistles its wooper and shunts down the ramp. Police stares - you know, those stares - android, facial recognition algorithm looks, snapshot stares. No, no networks for me today. Only record covers with the wrong record inside them . And no sheath. Like me. No shealth. No teat. No breadth. A jewish aesthetic for me intra pants it is.
The band that played Hellfires last night was terrific!! They are The Wendys, a great party act with a nasty punk-rock take on surf. I was throroughly entertained by this group. They were loose and dirty (so unlike performative musics of this day and age generally), and I couldnt help but be reminded of Flipper. These fellows have recordings online - seek them out. And get a job in IT while you are at it. Thats what i eventually plan to do. The Wendys had a (beaten?)down to earth air about them, Christine said they were like a Melbourne band from the 80s..(?)Could anyone explain what she meant by that?

And the male stares bore inside me. What am i. What are ya. What do you want. Male-gaze. Male gays. Im ugly and stupid looking. My hair is stupid. I
So wehat else is happeing. well, Crude hope to record a new album in 2019. I hope to play a couple of shows in Dunedin next year.
The Space Dust is doing a reunion stint in January!!! Cool!
Hey visualists - you probably noticed it - no photos!!!! Sorry !!! Visual is the way to claim hits these days, but it just dosent get through my thick southern hick skull. Its all text text text , enough to scare away half my potential audience, text text text all code-like and small like a caravan of ants.

Once again i would like to thank Ox O'Connel for making it all happen that night. I've got a bizarre experiemtnal rock project going with him called The Mysterious Sea People....his great band currently is The Ruling Elite. Ox is a man who dares ya to dig deeper. I have to try harder. And go further. And unchain these self established shackles. and bring the system down. Complex Systems. Socialism with Chinese characteristics. Watch out for China because they intend to lead the world in artificial intelligence. Me? Space . I'd invest in Luxembourg and Space industries like Asteroid mining . And earthly sciences -- well, superconductors, condensed matter research, plamsa research, quantum information, big words that sound technical, a big empty building with a PA system in it and a bunch of city councillors in my pocket, logistics, embedded systems , nurturing hackers, ionispheric research, control systems, a chemistry lab, a factory,