Tuesday, September 18, 2018

catching up with my radical mates ...

Truly, truly - this writer writes better than he talks to you. Truly, truly, 'tis the keyboard that mediates me thought proper, its is the mechanics of the forearms and fingers that help me convey whats going on in this here brain. So, if YOU are a reader of THIS blog, then I thank you for your time and support. I have had some good feedback on my rambling incoherent prose, which makes DOING IT a little more relevant. Smart systems. Trackers. RFID tech. So, the media is telling me this: if your in your 40s you better keep your freaking job because no-one wants to hire an oldy. The scoop.co.nz headline is : '45 and unemployable' . And then we have the automation revolution about to come. And the technology-driven unemployment that will inevitably come. And I think to myself - okay, I'm now what...43? Whats my motivation? Lucky i look young, right? Why bother.So, I've taken the Hamlet route. Well, maybe I am not quite feigning madness, I actually am quite mad. I have a schizoid personality, persistent anxiety issues and a bent love for getting intoxicated in many different ways. I would make a fantastic employee, wouldn't I , Loving Earth.
I should just GET A JOB i suppose. Picker Packer I am. Organizational Theory. And the RF technology. So it is this, the Christchurch city that houses the Cruder. Tough types, the Cantaburians.
I love those rogue bodies of the District Health Board of Canturbury, the pious ones who know better than those with lived experiences of addiction, the righteous ones who enforce out-dated modes of therapy. I love them the best. Incarcerated and controlled am I. But that is another story. A long and, for most of you healthy types - a tedious story.
The exciting news : RATS IN BATALLIONS is a recording project / thrash metal band I formed with Karl Leeden in Melbourne just before my deportation.. This is beautifully crafted thrash metal , old-school, powerful, punchy, and nasty . I will provide readers with a link to the online fruits of this project asap.
WHISPERING CITY is a re-established duo I am working on here in chch with j-mz robinson of NOTV> actually we are to GIG at THE DARK ROOM in Christchurch 27th Sept..
Snivels MacGowan - then theres mr snivvels. My attempt at Stand Up comedy. Boy oh boy , thats a tough gig. I am an absolute beginner and not sure if I gots the jokey gift but hey - I'll just keep on it and study a bit of Rhetoric, a bit of observation, a bit of political thought, a bit of absurdity and a bit of slapschtick. See this menace to the purity of Christchurchs anglican moral fibre at an open mic night somewhere near you. I won lotto.  Dates. Speaking of dates i hear from a friend of a friend that the best dates are the ones they manage to cultivate in saudi arabia which is the holy of holies in the muslim world. Symmetry of systems and breaking chains, friendship and furry animals make life livable again. Lord of light is the command module. Bringer of gregorian chant is the best maximal. Pre-operation relaxation systems best beat the organelle. Brain it, cave-headed open wounds and millenial fortifications - get that job done as best you can, and move that tectonic plate to the left and to the right. Center, center, dead center is the best operative. Its a bitter pill bigger job workers to swallow . Liminal surfaces and scientific method. Breaker. Line up rugby style. Dance crews tried to make me non operate on the operating systems. Line up open call for lifters. Anti-gravity and anti-matter, its a physical thing our last and our lasting relationships. Peer into the great big hole called haPPY.Sobriety and fullness. Need time? Need swine? Need mine? Dont do drugs but enter the space of absolute dream scene. Scene establishment is extremely important for a newy. Dont always make a mark but at least you are giving it a go and letting the gods of the humours be thy ultimate judge. The ultimate judge of all those little micro-desicions you make over and over agin. Its not worth crying over.
Its not worth dying over or even dying for. SO give it your best and dont ever question yourself. Gently, gently, gingerly does it my son. Ginger and spice all thing nice rupert. Juliet Wallace was a good ole' stick - i hope to hell that evereything gets better . So many others have fallen by the wayside, so keep in touch with reality because when we say we care we really really do, you have to build up you have to add and add more and then when you are ready , you will receive the fantastic gift of oratory that was given unto plato and all and sundry. So give it a shot, no no no , not in the arm in the bottom. its that bottom sifter pledge that really warms it in. Killing for entertainments sake was  dropped as a sport or as public node of concentration millenia ago, but it dosent mean that we don't lust for it anymore. So linger ye still and blast away the algae, blast away the dendritic spores that  keep adhesing to thy temples. Charge charge charge to youre credit car and store up your store cards .People we need a new device, we need a new bringer of dearth. Measure for measure is please a good thing or a gooder thing?

I THINK we need more FREAKS

Monday, July 23, 2018

what i'd do with my billions part six

Hey watch this. Nah. Don't. Don't waste your time. Go read a book.

Okay, woke up this morning ,  a 'human' 'body'  - a swirling galaxy of hormone and hit-n-miss stasis yearning complex systems, hundreds upon thousands of cells and biochemicals and other agents following orders, genetic orders, just doing what it does. A hulking biochemical protein shake, mastered by some internal drive - some sort  of driver, a motivational electrical lump of grey coil. There mere fact that I, and you, and you, and even the most 'un-deserving' of us  at-all exist is analogous to winning the lottery a million times over, in some sort of sequence that eventually indicates Pi (?) But NO. THEY want you to believe you are nothing but a servant of the consumer system we have no option but to follow. They want you to serve and follow and compromise your life away for the local industrialist - because an entrepreneur is morally, dynamically, geo-physically, psychologically.......MORE JUST. More worthy of a place on Earths heavenly spaces.
They want you to just get on with the mundanity. So do it. And in the main, of course, without question, we do. Thats how the banking cartels planned it, and that's how we play it. Amen.
Today, i require a secretary to schedule my many meetings with Kazakhstani real estate agents, councilors and actors. I need to do some work on the  'Patagonia Deal' (worst deal ever) . 
I need to now look into purchasing a few venues spaces in Berlin - if indeed such a thing is possible anymore. These are the new days son - its is patently obvious the illuminatiists want the anti-establishmentarian hippy/punk youth movements to dry up, to die: to be forgotten like some vainglorious dream, some abberative vapourtrail, some anomalous monopole moment that almost......really......REALLY did rock the boat. They have done well in re-packaging, reviewing and re-telling the story, literally selling it for pennies on the pound back to younger, potentially deadlier  generations (the mass shooters/the iphone addicts/the monosyllabists) - each one to be directed further ands further away from the point of departure from conservative control.
My suggestion is that the beginning of the end lof conservative control was the dropping of the nuclear bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima - 1945. This is the beginning of the end on a number of fronts. This was the end of the British Empire as statesman or world ruler. This was the beginning of the USA-as-absolute lord of earth, the takeover of  worlds media. When the Solid State technology was formularized, commericalized, rolled out and re-uptaken -- -- -- we arrive at the post modern .

I will keep blogging. Lets go shopping btw, i keep forgetting im a literal 'multi' billionaire. What do i 'want'.
a THROBBING GRISTLE T-SHIRT line to flood the market at K-MART in Melbourne Australia.
Can this be done? Let us look now for TG tees.
I invisage this incredible pan-psychic pan-sexual pagan act will become an absolute must have cultural staple in the glorious  2020s. I will strike a bargain with

away from melb

Christchurch is great. The inner city is amazing.
I was chewed up and spat out by that hog-like Continent to the north. It took me, and I let it destroy me. And now my pale carcass haunts one of the oldest parts of Christchurch city.
The Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009

.........is making it difficult to even do something as simple as open a bank account over here. Ohhh well. I mean, I could indeed be doing or planning to do just that - to launder money and to brazenly finance terror. Me and my billions. Oh, that chapter was a piece of fiction by the way. Oh, you knew? Oh ! Ha ha ha  -  guess what world, apparently you are still allowed to dream! And sleep - how does sleep free up markets and labour flows? We need to make sleep more profitable for Mr Rothschild and his many minions worldwide. Don't we just.
No , truth is, oh seeker, that I am not actually a billionaire, I am, for now, at early middle age, a pauper. And in fact, I am going through the arduous process of applying to the NZ government for financial assistance. Since the heady hippy dippy days of the 90s, things have tightened up. Nationals blame the poor ideology and their Neo-Con Think Tanker mateys have helped the NZ government craft a difficult, off-putting, buggy, mix-media/mixed message meme for those about to apply. Talk about hoops!
Okidoki, 2018, i am now deep within Addington/Sydnenam swimming in schizoid. The ever shifting world has no reference point. There is hope and style grafted into the place.is again. 
To receive Welfare you need good references, a laptop and a phone.
Self-conscious, why? Relax . Christchurch city is a small city of 3 hundred or so thousand people,  The soul-crushing/mind warping trauma that is claiming insurance. Residence here, a holier-than-thou  - moralists in cars, right-wingers in big station-wagons. . No car means 'bad person' basically. Everyone seems to put up this stony antarctic front - they're hard and hardened and hardening, if you're a man and you are not wearing high viz - so help me god, you must be bad or weak or deficient in some way. Wild-west economics and disaster capitalism seems to have rendered counter-culture mute. . Societal disapproval oozes copiously from the pores of the holier than thous
'What a Dick' they haarp on, 'fuck off back to Australia' 
People seem genuinely unfriendly.
This will fade though. Perhaps with that feeling my sweeping generalizations will fade too. 
The counter culture has been atomized. 
Hippies and punks and beatniks and freaks and questioners and truthers and sexual deviants and artists and intellectuals and writers and actors.
200 people sleeping rough in the central city. 'Move on' , bum. 
 Sicker puppy. And hate for the world has consumed him. And it's not going away.  Just a first impression on an hyper-impressionable schizo. This is the new age of social media - everyone is a type of target. A kind of walking hard-drive. I  envisage a luddite versus non-luddite war in future. Privacy warriors versus those who have nothing to lose. Rich versus poor. Human farm. We got it good. So good. Soo damn good. So good. So damn good.
Time to start a GG allin inspired band.
 Lets channel that hatred of the worlds vested interests. those vested interests - keeping the world locked into vested modes. I've got vested interests too. I don't want certain things changed. But I'm not going to say what. 
7 years of change.7 years of apartment buildings. 7 years of social media. Don't show the public your weaknesses, don't show anyone pictures of you having a good time, you won't get employed. Don't do anything wrong. Don't do anything different. Don't be a bad person. Don't relax. Don't sleep. Don't dream. Don't retire. Don't run away from bills. Credit rating is your life. People dont care if I live or die. So, really - what? Keep living? Die? Make a difference? Make the world a better place? Have children and propagate my schizoid genes? Drug test all employees. Credit Rating. Social Credit rating. Hows your social media score? Are you credible? What do you do? Nothing? Bad things? Are you lazy? Then die. 
Are you a slacker? Don't send your trash to Australia! I learnt that lesson. I paid taxes there and now they have my super. Kiwi migrant cash-cow. Negative negative negative. Beat beat beat. Don't forget your supporting documents - you may be a terrorist assuming someones identity. Dream jobs. As in - you should have a job in your sleep state also - we can't slack off just because its a dream. I'm considering an administrative role in the dream job sector. And dream tax . Media tells me what to believe. And I believe it. Post truther - Doctor Nothing. Not much really. The wealthy are just better people. Better men. Good, hard-working Calvinists.
I find it difficult to apply spirituality to this world. Because I am consumed by hate for this world. 

Thursday, June 14, 2018

what i would DO with my billions part five

You don't believe me do you. William Gibson does. So does Freddie Mercury. So does William Burroughs. And so does the ever-living force that-is Aleister Crowley. A man who wasn't afraid of making things happen and hedonizing . Who else believes I'm actually a billionaire. Why, billionaire Bill Gates does. He keeps it on the down low.
How he does it? Its called a jersey, and a shirt underneath said jersey.. It keeps you, its keeps you human.It makes you look like a christian schoolteacher - but that is the simple visual aesthetic one requires as ones' personal fortune skyrockets into the multi-billions.
Of course, the mere fact I am shameless advertising my wealth probably indicates a fraud in itself. Well, i don't care - this is a complex, decade long social experiment that i have been plotting.

Anyhow. Looks like I mentioned I was looking to buy land in Chile. I have some advice in this regard HERE. I wish to purchase land, large masses of it, in the Patagonia region of Chile. Turns out, according to the link, that this is a smart move which is flanked by dozens of locally flavoured regulations  - all of which i will follow and honor because I KNOW Chileans are great people.
Patagonian Protected Lands Update . More on Patagonia. 

VIDEO on an example of the Station I will purchase. I will need extra special permission to build a radio telescope here I'm sure. If its in a nice, discrete location...maybe tucked away in a 'nook' (correct geo-graphical term someone? Have I hired a full-time Geographical/topographer yet? To do list?) it may receive approval. We shall see. There has been much industrial disputation in the past.
ALMA array scenario in 2013.  Why can't some crazed rich bastard just raise their pay? Guess its not as simple as that ? Under my project, I will consult with locals for a good 5 years before operations begin. My cohesion-negotiation-cultural-sensitivity team (CNCS) will be housed in Patagonia on my station until such terms are agreed upon that suit all. I mean, my project will not be anywhere NEAR as out-there as the ALMA array - in fact, i may get away with purchasing a ready built small time radio telescope. Who knows. Maybe i'll drop down to J-car or radioshack and but a freaking crystal set .

I was looking at purchasing 3 buildings in BERLIN for use for exhibitions/performances/music/recordings /film /experimental theatre etc etc. Lets look into the cummings and goings here hey Penfold? Next blog!!


a 'leyden jar' battery precursor 18th-19th cnetury 

two people wasting time 

A typical Australian sentiment. Especially applies if you live on those islands to the south east.  No, not Tasmania, New Zealand. Time to take my crazy ideas home and to never block up the trains and trams of Melbourne again. I apologize for any incovenience caused by my tax-paying existence here in this fine, fine city. Goodbye Australia and Melbourne. Goodbye, beautiful people.

more important than Einstein? 

a rfid chip - a technology my holdings firm 'UIX industries' will invest in heavily 

what i'd do with my billions part four

Scum factor tonight : 4 outta 10
Dirth : 6/10 (common mispelling of 'dearth')
Mirth : 4/10
Relevance - 1.002/10
Food : none
Brandy : bottled in 1783
Underwear : none
ideas : hackneyed at best
money: in the Billions (no dearth there)

what I would do with my billions part three

My Almaty house will be THIS :
 this will require 100% refurbishment. Why on earth I want to own a house in Kazakhstan is anyones guess. But, I am buying one - because I can. It could be my base for adventures out into the great flat wilderness of the ex-Soviet state. Not being a hunter, i guess this may seem pointless but hey. Great strategic purchase me thinks - I'll be watching a few dvds and kicking back in that pad perhaps once a year. I will be looking into natural gas stock options while watching Kazakh tv also.Might also philanthropize the Kazakh/Almaty contemporary arts and music scene to repair the damage that bastard Sascha Baron Cohen did to the great country. Will frequent the local Karaoke bar and coffee houses. In fact, Almaty is holding an International Jazz Festival this month.

The house to buy outright will be 484,000 Australian dollars when converted from Kazakh 'Tenge' .

=Not bad!!

Not, a diversion - perhaps its time to purchase a hobbyist item. No, no I'm not going to set up a dungeon with electro-mechanical fucking machines, (although this is tempting), no., its time for me to pursue my Short wave listeneing hobby. So folks ---- lets go shopping !!!!!

Considering my current base is Melbourne Australia I will actually do my business in a small but well stocked HAM radio specialist place called ' Strictly Ham' . Probably my best bet in the southern hemisphere , I'd say Penfold my dear.
I just love listening to shortwave radio. The odd tones and mechanical drones just make me feel so at home - so utterly isolated and alien - which is where i really do feel at home. So, sw radio listening  creates an atmosphere where i feel taken outside the norm, the mundane, the earthly and into the wafting dance of the ionosphere. These crazed tones phase in and phase out in unpredictable patterns - aesthetically it is such pleasure.
Anyway. My shopping list.
so . I'll start with a receiver. Will need to ask my interior designer to install furniture in a suitable room in each of my apartments worldwide. I will buy a 'rig' for each site. How many properties did I say I was buying - approximately 10 i think , so each time i select an item please make that x 10.

Should I go uh Software defined radio or old school. Hmmmmmm.
I'll buy 10 of THESE for a start - these will be my software defined radios. Why not. Will need laptops to go with 'em. Hmmm. antennas - one of THESE for lower frequencies, and one of THESE for higher frequencies.

So thats my house in Almaty sorted, plus my swl hobby kits sorted for each apartment. Gosh what an utter nerd I am. I'm going to need very powerful computers to process this SDR radio. Guess the locals will all think im a friggen cop or something. Oh well, I'll have someone to pay any neighsayers off. I'll probably need to pay a weekly kickback to police, local council, local mob, army, every fucker. Oh well, if you got it, might as well spread it around and get the economy going right??

I dunnow, have i spent my first billion yet? Guess I'll need to pay off my old student loan and EVERY SINGLE other debt ive accrused in my past life of pathetic passive standard useless human wastrelnessness.
Bet your all rolling in the friggen isles at this point, who/wtf/ am i trying to impress with this codswollop? Well, again, I've said it before - its Baudrillardian. I'm adding more guff to the already over-poked over stuffed media-sphere. I cannot recall the exact paragraph or book he suggested this method of re-spew/feedback loop/datasidious dispatching could actually dislodge or overrun the world media 'system'

I love Wendy O' Williams and I love the Plasmatics . Her later metal stuff was very - 'virtuoso' but it also had a punk 'element'.

What was the punk element ::::: 'fast drumming - her scathing voice? . Easy beats to nod your head to? :::

Anyway -  in my riches - I will pay a group of actors to perform as the Plasmatics in Almaty on October the 23rd 2018, October the 25th 2018, and October 27th - if allowed by the local council. If no venue is available for my actors, I' will purchase a local warehouse space, furnish it with a PA system , technicians , and make ym replicated Plasmatic event take place in former Soviet Kazakhstan. Hopeful, this undoes some of the damage done by that illuminatiist scumbag Sascha Boran Cohen.

Monday, June 11, 2018

what i would do with my billions part two

Of course, administration is vital and is one of the many legal duties of a rich person, is it not. So i will select a few banks (banks listed in later blogs) to position term deposits into. I will hire the services of a phd grade accountant to look after my incomings and(more often than not) outgoings. I will have an official office block stationed in my home town, where my lawyers, doctors, naturopaths, nutritionists, personal trainers, beautician, secretariat, hairdressers, PR team and a 24/7 film crew will be active. I will need many professional assistants. All will be payed handsomely.
For instance - consider the way my Parisian apartment is furninshed -  this will need to be altered. I find it a little garish. Perhaps that's Paris for you. I will require the services of an interior designer to assist me with the aesthetic i am looking for. She will also help me with my other purchases: apartments in Plovdiv, Prague, Rome, Naples, Bari, Vienna , Moscow, Sircusa, Tiran, London, Glasgow, Zurich, Munich, Berlin (x3 including venues and warehouses), Montreal, Los Angeles, Istanbul, Almaty, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Sao Paulo, Osaka, Melbourne, Auckland, Queenstown and Madurai. This will cost a significant fortune, but because I am a multi-billionaire - this should not be a problem.
I will need the finest security systems installed in each apartment. I will need my apartments to be 'smart apartments' - fully tailored by an aesthetic coder and IoT network specialist, a wireless sensor dynamicist, and a biometric ingrown toenail.
I will require professionally stock wine and whiskey cellars.
I will list each apartment i purchase in upcoming blogs.
Of course city life is one thing but what about the country? I will purchase large swathes of land to be managed by local farmers and landscaping artists. I will buy land/stations/forested areas  in :: Central Otago  NZ, the Catlins NZ, the West Coast NZ, the Blue Mountains Australia, In the Patagonian region of Chile, In Svalbard , a large ranch in Southern California.
I will purchase a fleet of vehicles both airborne and land-hogging emblazoned with my own custom made logo, complete with chauffeurs/driver/pilots. I will consult with Tesla motors on the best electric solutions for 1 of these vehicles. My chauffeurs will be selected by professional aestheticians and judged on their driving competency, beauty, intelligence, and sense of humour. I will require :
3 Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks (used for hauling my custom made PA system / lighting rigs / musical equipments to the necessary city or venue). 2 Augusta TA AW 109 SP Helicopters - chopper A in white, chopper B in black. 5 black Lada 21093 EuroSamara Baltics. 2 Teslas. 1 experimental automated vehicle for the hell of it. I , as someone who does not drive - not unlike Hitler, will be one of the first to benefit from one of these things. 

I will invest heavily in Luxembourg based space industries - especially those involved in Asteroid Mining. I will either purchase outright and staff / or have engineered a large radio telescope to place on my land in Chile. 
I will invest in a large array of scientific projects - some already underway - some custom made to test my own tripped out interests. I will LAUNCH A FLEET OF MICROSATELLITEs into earth orbit in conjunction with Space X lifters. The satellites will have custom built scientific equipment onboard to provide me with real time information on a variety of my space weather interests - ionospheric micro-changes, how plasma reacts to electromagnetic waves etc etc.
I must keep listing things because, therre more i need to spend on. More.  

I will purchase two underground laboratories. I will purchase a network of music venues and/or art galleries. I will set up an artist endowment fund for artists/musicians I like. I will look into philanthrtopic ventures, set up a team of street workers on the front lines to give cash out, clean syringes, protein pellets, bacon butties, black hat hacking text books, buttplugs, jam, moro bars.

I will ask if I can join the Trilateral commision.