Saturday, May 5, 2018


Milo. Milo. Milo. Milo.
What is conservatism exactly? What is the difference between Libertarianism and Conservatism?
What role does Capitalism play with conservatism and vice versa? Are conservatives theist in the main? Are libertarians atheist? Are the new right aligned with the transumanists? Are the new right
pacifist? Are the new right decentralized nodes? Are the new right Anarchists? What is money?

Friday, April 6, 2018

to the real estate scum

People need a roof over their heads.
There was a day, thousands of years ago, where a person did not have to pay rent on land. They, as a living being here on earth, had a right to exist, because they existed. Now, through generations of cultural engineering, you cant live just because you live. You have no inherent right to anything on this planet, really. Land and the boxes we build upon it are just a means to expand the wealth and power of those already wealthy and powerful. And thats it. If you are poor you are penalized at every turn. Got bad credit? Noone will help you live under a roof in the future.
Charge for air usage. Lets charge for existence itself - surgically install a death mechanism that you need to 'top up' to stay alive - i mean, its already kind of like this, they may as well enforce it.
Charge for, uh, anything and everything. Charge animals rent, the lazy bloody layabouts.
. Oh yeah its survival of the fittest, yeah yeah yeah thats life, that's reality, (well actually, reality is the fact that we are on a tiny planet in the middle of space. Reality is not money. Reality is death and dreams. Reality is space), law of the jungle, people have always preyed on the weak, its human nature, blah blah blah, rightist rhetoric and darwinian realism. Monetize, compound compound interest, potentiate and monetize. Keep paying the vested interests, keep them in business. Petroleum, finance, medical mafia, industrial farming, the military. Just keep it the way it is, forever, thats what they want. I mean, these people must have merit because they made it to the top right? Yeah, that the way it is, isnt it. Isn't it. Isn't it. And keep playing the game. Don't stop it. Keep playing and paying, forever. Don't question anything. Ever. Play the game and you'll be looked after.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Train self talk #00001

The rich, through the abstract device coined 'compound interest' seem to be getting richer.
The poor, indebted up to the eyeballs forever, seem to be getting poorer.
But, for today, I'll write a blog about what happened at work last week . Whoops, no I won't!
There's a clause in our enterprise bargaining agreement which specifically states:
Don't write blogs about work.
Why would I anyway. I mean , it's like, wow. I don't drive a car. I must be crazy.
Anyway, onto more important things , like Trains. I am a commuter. It is a deliberate and conscious
choice. They all think I'm crazy for using public transport. Frankly, the world doesn't need another freaking car on the road. Imagine me behind the wheel. I'd probably end up dead.
I thought it was favourable to choose public transport over car. But no, if you don't drive your some sort of infant, an irresponsible child who can't look after themselves. If you don't drive your some sort of weakling, a foolish loser. This is all Bernaysian petroleum lobby inspired cultural engineering. I say fuck driving.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Thank you, Australia

Oh, Australia, the ANZAC. The Australia New Zealand Army Core. Alliance, alliance. Great festering allies. We say what we will, we spray what we will. Oh bloodletters, open ended arrangements, weapons manufacture and blasphemy. Gods law and capitalism, strange bedfellows. Thanks, for the saftey net is Tel Aviv. Silly Vows , silly cows. No safety net for the un-self-exalting archemedian fullerene, acheimg joints all prurient and jolly, pissant puff pads and garrulous foibles. Thank you for rents, for the real estate bubble, the dehuman reptilian federation of non-planets. Thank you for Ned Kelly, for the bestial genetic fob-pocket. For the yokel and the joke, the plastic and the divine punishment of government. Giggle me this oh bush ranger, a tisket and a tasket. A pusher told me to break bread with Brian, the liberal party's orgy master. Big money to me is $1000. Chicke  feed to the moneyed . I say, what real authority do these filthy few really have? They are not Jesus. Neither that nor Sun King. So sisterologist, science, new ideas, sheer force of germanic will, counter-opulence this druggery. Why not you australian ass-wipe. No, its a true divide, a real Taiwan vs China hustle. Stop , you're squirting on me, oh tendentious flabbergast, lying squirming raper raper. Oh you poor thing, raped for allah for the thousanth time. It is these feltching fuggers that tell ME What to do, how to eat , where to shit. That is the new world of shopping , my lineage breacher. Flap oh break.  Ringer, bringer, safety net zinger, we cringe oer your very substance. Her majesty shares my fate. Mu woman. Mu dutch. Mu Orange. Mu Pious. Mu Ion. Iom drive, propulsion. Mu manipulator, real telling like. No more, for cryptology is certain. The answer is yes, oh little one. Fag up your box-settings. For this is the '20$,'. The last human decade. What would  you know of me, heil . ...? Mu calculus.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Train ettiquette?

Eyes. Its like, it feels like its illegal to even look at a person these days. I feel like my look buries itself into the backbrain of mister or mrs good citizen, and they just dont know what to do with it, like how long is it going to be before eye contact with strangers is made illegal? Do i propagate marxism through my pores? I feel like an anomaly, a thought criminal, an outsider, a nonmonetizeable proselytizer of postmodern stoicism, an un pidgeonholeable new zealand gag sandbag, a toroidal hue snuffer, a glue sniffing remnant of the 20th century beat movement,did noone tell you matty.... this is the new square age of super squares who insure their every skin cell and pay each and every bill on time , convinced now and forever to do the right thing and keep the pyramid scheme afloat. And pets, pets should be selling their labour too. How dare they just lie about, sit around and not contribute something. They need to learn, it aint no free lunch. And god is waiting for their sinful souls too.
Yeah, soon itll be illegal to even talk in public.  All sentient matter on earth should really be working. That slimemould needs to start paying rent. That flea is a bit of a bloody bludger now isnt it. Better upskill. Machine learning is the way to go there , you can enrol on udemy , mister 3 toed sloth. Yep,we are floating in space. We are born here but we arent allowed to live in a house unless were can shell out huge ever increasing market driven wads of blood spattered dollars. You just have to pay RENT. Because, well, this land costs money, dosent it. More and more and more everyday. Soon, even gina will be on the street.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

second blog for 2018

Oh 2018, fresh new waves. An actual show is happening soon. Links soon.
Oh I look forward to the 20s. Remember last time? The 1920s? Such a radical departure from all things 19th century. It was during the 20s that the 20th century began to define itself. I believe the same thing will occur this century. Think of the greats of  late 20th century popular culture , they are truly starting to die off. Many were true rebels. I don't want to see the 2020s as a rework of 2015-2019. I want to see the departure take hold. I want to see the 20th century fade out and fall off.  Facebook narcissism must die.

Friday, January 26, 2018

first blog for 2018

The right leaning anarcho-libertarian Jeremy Corbett believes 2018 will herald the 'weaponization of social media'. I tend to agree - there are ex-facebook employees who testify to the fact that they knew in advance that these systems bind to dopamine receptors, they do indeed give people a 'hit', that psychological systems are hijacked and re-worked through exposure to facebook,  that a certain amount of cultural engineering was taking place via facebook, that the mass of data can potentially be used for population control . Sounds like Facebook was a weapon all along. So I'll do what i can to defend myself. Critical thinking is a must. This is something I, as a gullible solipsistic religionist sensationalist, find difficult to activate, but I'll try. Dont just take it in, frown and scowl as you scroll.
Its gonna be a great year here at La Decennie Brut.
Exciting things are afoot care of Auckland based Independent Woman Records  , they have found it fit to release a retrospective cd box set of my Crude lathe cuts . Whomp that. Thats a good haul, Petersonn, a Nordic street sweeper anti-Apex ganger. Give 'em jobs, get 'em into sports, they're ripe for radicalization. "This is MY LAND. I don't give a fuck about these white Motherfuckers! This is MY LAND. I am a BLACK MAN". And, indeed, he was a young, proud, drunk black man - drowning in the sea of subtle, all pervading rascism that is Melbourne.
When abouts you ask. Sooooooon. Okay.
So anyway Mister policeman, I will do dis and do dat.

AND mister big data miner circa 2063, well, you know the score, this is historical , but i told you so.
Okay? Can I quantum jump down your way care of Sophias system? Can I draw down the future from your observational point? Are you AI ? Can I talk to you right now?

Okay -- here we go.
Okay. Questions to Sophia circa 2063
Q: Is time travel to the past physically possible for a multicelled organism?

Q: Will the act of time travel to the past be 'solved' by networked AI mathematicians and physicists?

Q: Is a mechanistic unit like some sort of time travel 'pod' the best way of doing it?

Q:How is the subject taken out of this timeline and superimposed on another? Can it be explained in laymans terms?

Q:Has AI solved the problem of worldwide poverty and inequality?

Q:  Has AI solved the hard problem of consciousness?

Q: Has AI answered the question - what happens to the human consciousness after death?

Q: Has AI discovered the best economic system for humankind, and if so, has it superceded capitalism?

Q: Has AI solved the problem of human conflict?

Q:Has AI solved the problem of migratory flows.

Q:Has AI calmed the animosity between hard-line Muslims and non-Muslims?

Q:Does an AI tend toward physics or philosophy to answer the biggest human questions?

Q: IS the universe and its contents computable and if so, what function does the interstellar medium play?

Q: Is the Galactic Center a source of energy ? Can the Galactic center be digitized?

Q:  Do I have a fleshy avatar at 2063 or am I merely part of an algorhythm?
Q : Can energy be gleaned from the Interstellar / Intergalactic medium?

Q: Has AI invested in Asteroid Mining?

Q: Who is 'deserving' of the benefits of a post singularity utopia? Everyone?