Saturday, December 9, 2017

Why propagate?

Brought into the world without his or her permission , another child for the entertaiment industry to ensnare, the agribusiness industry to experiment upon, the banks to farm , to feed on, to hook up to fiscal dialysis,
for education-for-profit groups to delude and twist , for clothing and fashion industries to objectivize, delude, anorexicize and shame, for religions to replace the purity of youth with fear and guilt and patriarchy, for big pharma to over-prescribe and medicalize the normal behaviour of youth, for an economy obsessed culture to strip all social interaction and activity down to commodification and package, a world where the only value in a thing is its marketability or profit making ability, where you learn that you cannot just have that packet of bisicuits on the shelf at the supermarket without payment, where you are not rewarded for asking tough questions , where digging deep is discouraged, where passive consumption is the way and creativity is increasingly deemed of value only insofar as it serves the interests of profiteers and corporate entities, where a roof over your head isnt a right but a priveledge for those who sell their labour to profiteers or those born rich.
Where your goverment is just a corrupt network of self serving pigs. Where cooperation eventually takes back seat to the neoliberal virtue of competition, self interest, and aquisitiveness and control of others, abuse of animals and plants and all natural environments. You are rewarded only if you dominate.
The magic of youth is eventually snuffed out in those who see the system for what it really is. Those who do not see it narcoticize themselves with low brow culture, sport, celbrity gossip, fast food, aquisitions and hoarding and servile obeisance to the media.

Banks are bottomfeeding parasites

Debt suicides on the rise

Inequality increasing to post WW1 levels

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Penning this one, Bert. Tactile like. Pen-to-pap. Not a key in sight. Scratching out ink trails this time. Sack on,sacker. On the brink.
So, we have a dried up piece of think that needs activation. Its a master stroke - an amalgam of connections, implications, wave/particle dualities and potential futures. It must be activated. Till then , I ritualize and symbologicalize all work. Australia is one staunch customer. NZ offers to take the Manus island hangers on, Australia says no. What do you do with that. What does is say? Staunch? Pigheaded? Oh what a filthy, sick, bent bunch they are up Canberra way. Nevermind. They cant be as bad as the banking set. The latest bottom feeding algorhythms rearrange the chronological order of our eft transactions, deliberately plunging accounts into overdraft mode, which, of course, generates a fee. Some in the usa have noticed this and are pursuing a class action.
Weve noticed this happening with our account , my partner even took screeds of incriminating screenshots to the bank itself , only to be shooed away and told to 'keep her evidence' and to be told the bank wouldnt do that....well, it seems many banks have already.
Oh world, all 4 billion years of Terra.
Cambrian indentations out west
Silurian slime moulds up north, old country.
Like really old country, pre-plant old. Charna frond old. Did dinosaurs pay rent?
Why not? No body gets a free ride. How dare they just make themselves at home willy nilly, no mortgage, no plot, no architect required, no insurance, no commission, no stamp duty, no....its camping out like wherever maaaannn.....
Time immemorial.
Stroke Master.
Jack hammer. Vertical farming -  vertical human farming.....the big ole people farm.
A name has been tagged onto this ever changing body and this 'name' accrues debt ,credit, accounts; records medical, criminal, dental, reputational, digital, chemical, educational, work histroy, facebook history, search history, blogging history, eftpos tracking, GPS Record, movements, choices, markets, droplets, units of energy, protein creams, agribusiness barf buckets, factory farmed giblet docking, direct debits, lock up spatter, forensics, backwash logs, sweat putter, app hag, nano-trading, rental history, roboid humpers, bag huff encounters, swear word jar,klinger, radar, colonel klink, MASH rerun list, Pashings, petting count,  pecker, condom wrap, tinnie house, ping pong, showers and baths, rexona, pill up, ky, local cosmos , skin breakages, pimple, jag, kack, swill, gargle, sputum, uptake, long term sperm, haggle log, income tax, tax return,leaks, julian assange live,edward snowden RT leak, donald, donald,
Vladmir putin is the richest  man in the world some say. Theforbes list does not list them all...some stash secret fortunes away. It has been said the Putins wealth is  200billion dollars. Wooow. Sheesh. Big bucks. Can i have 59 cents mister putin? Didnt think so sub storm trigger mechanism. Magnetic x line beltch flux. Weak config bro. Learn some code meeester weak nuclear forcer. Reconnect dat, Earther. Doo wop.

Penning this one, Charles

Dial .........000000000008
 wireless sensors from
 QBit enabled 15g network. Block port =

Remote off center / roll port, ?
Archival port 333.117.OXB.ZND
Code 1
Call port 3756 ad
Fund request for agent UIX
Oppen Vector 63210097119
Block port OX17AAAZB
Receipt of 2,3,5000 units

Ghz non-local link
Quater sum enrichment requester
Superconduct Poynting Vector
Asteroid Mining quadrant=bragg point 9

Code = foreign
Log 545,467,879,354,35t,913
Is gifted , movie wirelessly, Oppen-Oppen , Quarternity Field, RFID

Saturday, November 18, 2017

my stock picks for greater gain (3000ad and on)

my stock portfolio

I have no money but hey, here are the evil companies i would invest my millions in.
Yep. Yep i surely would.  Yep.

Biogen Inc. Ex-Distribut...BIIBV259.610.00 (0.00%)Superconductor Tech...SCON1.10+0.02 (1.85%)11.80M1.111.111.08Air Liquide SA (ADR)AIQUY26.23*+0.17 (0.65%)50.59B1.39M26.2526.3326.22Inmarsat PlcISAT628.11+4.61 (0.74%)2.86B869,733.00622.5631622.5Acacia Research CorpACTG4.95-0.10 (-1.98%)250.46M55.34.8Bruker CorporationBRKR29.36-0.06 (-0.20%)4.65B29.4829.5429.21PolyOne CorporationPOL39.06+0.05 (0.13%)3.20B38.9339.2538.72Lockheed Martin...LMT308.54+0.53 (0.17%)89.01B308.65311.36308.26Global X FundsAND9.83+0.03 (0.31%)9.799.859.79NVIDIA CorporationNVDA179.00-1.76 (-0.97%)107.40B180.3182.31178.6Baidu Inc (ADR)BIDU240.57+1.65 (0.69%)83.42B237.82242.7237.19Visteon CorpVC125.46+1.90 (1.54%)3.97B123.74125.48123.5Intel CorporationINTC37.18-0.02 (-0.05%)174.71B36.9537.2236.95Intl. Business Machines...IBM145.13-0.13 (-0.09%)135.13B145.59145.59144.59Tesla IncTSLA351.09-15.39 (-4.20%)58.59B366.49369.8999350.88Harris CorporationHRS131.80+0.74 (0.56%)15.79B131.41131.89131.06Raytheon CompanyRTN184.69-0.35 (-0.19%)53.50B186.07186.41184.23Royal Bank of Scotland...RBS7.16+0.02 (0.28%)42.25B7.167.187.13The Coca-Cola CoKO45.49+0.09 (0.20%)194.41B45.4545.6345.37Analog Devices, Inc.ADI84.92+0.68 (0.81%)31.22B83.8185.2483.7501Asia Pacific Wire &...APWC2.95+0.10 (3.51%)40.77M2.92.952.9Bison Capital Acquisitio...BCAC9.850.00 (0.00%)78.59MAviat Networks IncAVNW16.68-0.11 (-0.66%)88.70M16.8516.9116.2Global X Copper Miners...COPX24.87-0.16 (-0.64%)24.824.9724.41Tronox LtdTROX21.95-0.39 (-1.75%)1.52B22.0422.52521.79Applied DNA Sciences IncAPDN2.50+0.09 (3.73%)68.44M2.492.52.4143Air Products & Chemicals...APD150.26-0.79 (-0.52%)32.58B151151.22150.16AK Steel Holding...AKS5.22-0.32 (-5.78%)1.55B5.415.425.2NASDAQ Telecommunication...IXTC308.66+3.85 (1.26%)0.00304.9767309.3845304.7354Ellex Medical Lasers...ELX0.960*0.000 (0.00%)116.30M289,893.000.960.960.94CSI China Mainland Real...0009487,279.73*-38.85 (-0.53%)949.55M7317.37557364.95757256.503Stealth Ventures IncSLV.H0.00000*0.00ProShares UltraShort...ZSL31.55+0.01 (0.02%)31.6531.6531.5Fujian Nanping Sun...00230010.63-0.15 (-1.39%)5.77B9.67M10.7310.7410.54Abbott LaboratoriesABT52.51+1.08 (2.10%)93.15B51.5152.5851.5China Metal Intl...03192.99*0.00 (0.00%)2.98B670,000.002.9932.99BASF SEBAS88.65+0.14 (0.16%)81.35B6,984.0088.288.94988.115Vertex Pharmaceuticals...VRTX151.26-0.80 (-0.53%)38.14B151.54152.07148.5801Energy Resources of...ERA0.570*-0.005 (-0.87%)295.10M9,933.000.5750.5750.56ParkerVision, Inc.PRKR1.65-0.02 (-1.20%)29.34M1.671.671.62Oclaro IncOCLR8.82+0.07 (0.86%)1.49B8.78.98.67Comtech Telecomm. Corp.CMTL20.59-0.31 (-1.48%)485.31M20.320.8219.91China Telecom Corp...CHA49.90-0.04 (-0.08%)40.29B49.9249.9949.56Bank of N.T. Butterfield...NTB36.57+0.45 (1.25%)2.02B36.1436.6236.01

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philosophy is the great equalizer.

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