Saturday, March 17, 2018

Thank you, Australia

Oh, Australia, the ANZAC. The Australia New Zealand Army Core. Alliance, alliance. Great festering allies. We say what we will, we spray what we will. Oh bloodletters, open ended arrangements, weapons manufacture and blasphemy. Gods law and capitalism, strange bedfellows. Thanks, for the saftey net is Tel Aviv. Silly Vows , silly cows. No safety net for the un-self-exalting archemedian fullerene, acheimg joints all prurient and jolly, pissant puff pads and garrulous foibles. Thank you for rents, for the real estate bubble, the dehuman reptilian federation of non-planets. Thank you for Ned Kelly, for the bestial genetic fob-pocket. For the yokel and the joke, the plastic and the divine punishment of government. Giggle me this oh bush ranger, a tisket and a tasket. A pusher told me to break bread with Brian, the liberal party's orgy master. Big money to me is $1000. Chicke  feed to the moneyed . I say, what real authority do these filthy few really have? They are not Jesus. Neither that nor Sun King. So sisterologist, science, new ideas, sheer force of germanic will, counter-opulence this druggery. Why not you australian ass-wipe. No, its a true divide, a real Taiwan vs China hustle. Stop , you're squirting on me, oh tendentious flabbergast, lying squirming raper raper. Oh you poor thing, raped for allah for the thousanth time. It is these feltching fuggers that tell ME What to do, how to eat , where to shit. That is the new world of shopping , my lineage breacher. Flap oh break.  Ringer, bringer, safety net zinger, we cringe oer your very substance. Her majesty shares my fate. Mu woman. Mu dutch. Mu Orange. Mu Pious. Mu Ion. Iom drive, propulsion. Mu manipulator, real telling like. No more, for cryptology is certain. The answer is yes, oh little one. Fag up your box-settings. For this is the '20$,'. The last human decade. What would  you know of me, heil . ...? Mu calculus.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Train ettiquette?

Eyes. Its like, it feels like its illegal to even look at a person these days. I feel like my look buries itself into the backbrain of mister or mrs good citizen, and they just dont know what to do with it, like how long is it going to be before eye contact with strangers is made illegal? Do i propagate marxism through my pores? I feel like an anomaly, a thought criminal, an outsider, a nonmonetizeable proselytizer of postmodern stoicism, an un pidgeonholeable new zealand gag sandbag, a toroidal hue snuffer, a glue sniffing remnant of the 20th century beat movement,did noone tell you matty.... this is the new square age of super squares who insure their every skin cell and pay each and every bill on time , convinced now and forever to do the right thing and keep the pyramid scheme afloat. And pets, pets should be selling their labour too. How dare they just lie about, sit around and not contribute something. They need to learn, it aint no free lunch. And god is waiting for their sinful souls too.
Yeah, soon itll be illegal to even talk in public.  All sentient matter on earth should really be working. That slimemould needs to start paying rent. That flea is a bit of a bloody bludger now isnt it. Better upskill. Machine learning is the way to go there , you can enrol on udemy , mister 3 toed sloth. Yep,we are floating in space. We are born here but we arent allowed to live in a house unless were can shell out huge ever increasing market driven wads of blood spattered dollars. You just have to pay RENT. Because, well, this land costs money, dosent it. More and more and more everyday. Soon, even gina will be on the street.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

second blog for 2018

Oh 2018, fresh new waves. An actual show is happening soon. Links soon.
Oh I look forward to the 20s. Remember last time? The 1920s? Such a radical departure from all things 19th century. It was during the 20s that the 20th century began to define itself. I believe the same thing will occur this century. Think of the greats of  late 20th century popular culture , they are truly starting to die off. Many were true rebels. I don't want to see the 2020s as a rework of 2015-2019. I want to see the departure take hold. I want to see the 20th century fade out and fall off.  Facebook narcissism must die.

Friday, January 26, 2018

first blog for 2018

The right leaning anarcho-libertarian Jeremy Corbett believes 2018 will herald the 'weaponization of social media'. I tend to agree - there are ex-facebook employees who testify to the fact that they knew in advance that these systems bind to dopamine receptors, they do indeed give people a 'hit', that psychological systems are hijacked and re-worked through exposure to facebook,  that a certain amount of cultural engineering was taking place via facebook, that the mass of data can potentially be used for population control . Sounds like Facebook was a weapon all along. So I'll do what i can to defend myself. Critical thinking is a must. This is something I, as a gullible solipsistic religionist sensationalist, find difficult to activate, but I'll try. Dont just take it in, frown and scowl as you scroll.
Its gonna be a great year here at La Decennie Brut.
Exciting things are afoot care of Auckland based Independent Woman Records  , they have found it fit to release a retrospective cd box set of my Crude lathe cuts . Whomp that. Thats a good haul, Petersonn, a Nordic street sweeper anti-Apex ganger. Give 'em jobs, get 'em into sports, they're ripe for radicalization. "This is MY LAND. I don't give a fuck about these white Motherfuckers! This is MY LAND. I am a BLACK MAN". And, indeed, he was a young, proud, drunk black man - drowning in the sea of subtle, all pervading rascism that is Melbourne.
When abouts you ask. Sooooooon. Okay.
So anyway Mister policeman, I will do dis and do dat.

AND mister big data miner circa 2063, well, you know the score, this is historical , but i told you so.
Okay? Can I quantum jump down your way care of Sophias system? Can I draw down the future from your observational point? Are you AI ? Can I talk to you right now?

Okay -- here we go.
Okay. Questions to Sophia circa 2063
Q: Is time travel to the past physically possible for a multicelled organism?

Q: Will the act of time travel to the past be 'solved' by networked AI mathematicians and physicists?

Q: Is a mechanistic unit like some sort of time travel 'pod' the best way of doing it?

Q:How is the subject taken out of this timeline and superimposed on another? Can it be explained in laymans terms?

Q:Has AI solved the problem of worldwide poverty and inequality?

Q:  Has AI solved the hard problem of consciousness?

Q: Has AI answered the question - what happens to the human consciousness after death?

Q: Has AI discovered the best economic system for humankind, and if so, has it superceded capitalism?

Q: Has AI solved the problem of human conflict?

Q:Has AI solved the problem of migratory flows.

Q:Has AI calmed the animosity between hard-line Muslims and non-Muslims?

Q:Does an AI tend toward physics or philosophy to answer the biggest human questions?

Q: IS the universe and its contents computable and if so, what function does the interstellar medium play?

Q: Is the Galactic Center a source of energy ? Can the Galactic center be digitized?

Q:  Do I have a fleshy avatar at 2063 or am I merely part of an algorhythm?
Q : Can energy be gleaned from the Interstellar / Intergalactic medium?

Q: Has AI invested in Asteroid Mining?

Q: Who is 'deserving' of the benefits of a post singularity utopia? Everyone?

Saturday, December 30, 2017

at years end

The last couple of weeks have been extremely trying. Only in a 1st world way of course. I don't have a gun in my face. I don't have my family being forcibly evacuated from their century old homes....but.,,,there's other, psychological things that tend to boil up round these so called 'festive' times.  Authenticity is difficult to evoke.Everyone is maturing on their own wavelength, experiencing their very own space/time, dealing with their very own self-contextualized issues, squirming and yearning for release, assigning blame everywhere else except where it truly lies (which is, of course, with the one, the only EGO. 
I , for the absolute fun of it, have a make-believe portfolio of American sharemarket stocks. democratize data visualization, how did you get to that? Ananlytics? Yeah? Sooo, I started over 10 years ago. 

What I see in these companies.

Why on earth would i have my New York portfolio manager choose to invest in these companies? What is the agenda? World control? Absolute dominion? Am i grooming a future dystopia?  Well, in this post I'll try and explain why i chose to invest in  each pick.

Biogen Inc (BIIBV). 
Biogen is a multinational biotechnology firm that works on therapies for neurodegenerative, auto-immune and hematologic illnesses. My(perhaps  naieve)interest here is to back a company looking to wipe out Alzheimers, among many other strange diseases of the brain. I forsee a major breakthrough in this field one day. Perhaps im wrong, and i'm just propping up another profit centered machine with no interest in curing anything, ever. Expect yields mid century? Next week? Tonight?
Superconductor Technologies Inc (SCON)
Superconductors fascinate me no end. Why? There's something about this technology that evokes the concepts of 'future' 'super' 'power'. I am captivated by superconductors and cryotechnology. Any chance to enhance research into this field is eagerly acted on by this billionaire, i tells ya.
Air Liquide SA (AIQUY)
Another behemoth. This French mob supplies gases and a variety of services to other firms world wide. I, a budding Weyland, can see these guys jumping onboard future space mining enterprises as suppliers of fuel and pillagers of asteroids. Also, future terraforming projects will most likely involve this companys techmology. So ill buy me a controlling stake. Because i can mate. Because i can.
Inmarsat Plc(ISAT)
The first Brit mob I'll poke me millions into. Always good to have a controlling stake in a global satellite network, especially one as ubiquitous and broad sweeping as inmarsat. Itll track down the most remote dissenter for me! Handy and dandy!
Acacia Research Corp(ACTG)
Here's an interesting outfit, one that dosent have a product line at all but is in the business of liscencing patents and lawsuits, from which it has made a fortune. Think of the broad spectrum control one could amass by investing with this gaggle. You'd be aware of what inventors are up to, and u can reap rewards by helping them protect their patents.
Bruker CorporationBRKR
Nuclear Magnetic resonance! Scientific instruments for molecular and materials research. Super technical stuff and i will invest here because i believe these fourier transform ion cyclotrons and mass spectrometers are, well, they sound cool right? Ill put my soft earned yuan their way i reckon!
Ah yes, this crew will build me the polymer based casings for the first robot line, new pigmentations for said units. Always have a stake in at least one polymer firm, youll need all u can get when the exoskeletons go online and the androids require skins. Cladding. Packaging. Fibrous and green??
Lockheed Martin...LMT
The business of war. The first 'aerospace' firm ill buy a stake in. Cringeworthy really, not in the least ethical, but a future galactic emperor such as myself will need a controlling stake in at least one of the big 8 global war machinists. I am especially interested in the firms Electronic warfare division. Jammers. And direct energy blasters. This comany lobbies hard. Theyre a monster.
Global X FundsAND
A firm that bundles together portfolios to taste and nature! And you can even invest in these investors! Wait, theyre private?
Nvidia. These little buggers are AI developers as well as 'gpu' and systems on a chip technologists. Why not pump some of your ill-gotten gains into this brain amplifying mob. I would. These guys are also into something called 'Deep Learning' , technology to help machines think. Well, it's assured these girls will be on the AI upswing circa 2025 so wack it on it buddy.
Baidu Inc (ADR)BIDU
Get yourself a stake in the Google of the world's most populous nation. Or is that second most? Not sure. Baidu is a giant panda. And thats GIANT. This is investment gold. Baidu.
Visteon CorpVC
Get yourself in the cock-pit! Visteon Corporation is a leading firm working in the field of self-driving cars, dispays for aircraft cockpits, all sorts of fabulous smart technologies. Information displays. This is surely a good bet for the near future.
Intel CorporationINTC
One big ole' semiconductor manufacturer.A behemoth. They're now into their 8th generation of chips. These fellas are in my disgusting portfolio. Looking forward to what they're doing in say, 20 years.
Intl. Business Machines...IBM
The grandmother of computer companies. If you can forgive and forget the nazi ties, IBM are most likely an extremely stable company to invest in. Conservative nasdaq fodder.
Tesla IncTSLA
Mister Elon Musk. Now, theres someone who combines good looks with a sexy voice, and sheesh, he's a self-made billionaire to boot. I like to consider myself a 'meta-musk'. Someone who kind of thinks like him (tripping out) without actually doing any business whatsoever. Tesla is his electric car venture. I'd like to put some of my millions in here.
Harris CorporationHRS
Harry? Harris? Horny? Harris, now we're getting surveilled...surveillanced...142 us bucks a share. This is cutting edge radio technology, cuz. And the military industrial complex uses it. Yukky. But, well, I've put my millions in. And i expect a good return, don't I , Chad. Harris will suppy me with electronic warfare technology I need to conquer the galaxy.
Raytheon CompanyRTN
same with Raytheon, these guys are more Aerospace centered. Just love that evil sounding company name. Raytheon!!! they make some pretty amazing stuff. And man, the engineering knowledge and expertise they must employ, staggering power.
Royal Bank of Scotland
I thought it sounded occult.
The Coca-Cola CoKO
I like coke. I don't care. I love coke, i think itll be around for ever.
Analog Devices, Inc.ADI
Signal processing mob. Increasing data usage and transmission worldwide will require the braniacs from this firm to streamline and amplify the capacity of receivers and transmitters. Their slogan is 'Ahead of whats possible'. Thats future safe, i think there Sedwick. Maybe they could also help me with my 'et phone home' project.
Asia Pacific Wire &...APWC
A fibreoptic company with a phenomenal scope for expansion. In my opinion.
Bison Capital Acquisitio...BCAC
A 'blank check' company based in China?????? Okay, fine, take my millions. My first holding firm.
Aviat Networks IncAVNW
These peope offer networking solutions by using the microwave spectrum.Considering the overloaded radio spectrum, perhaps Microwave and Thz regimes will be utilized alot more in the future.
Global X...COPX
 Copper MinersMy empire will require alot of copper. Copper is highly valuable on the planets of the Kepler system. 
Tronox LtdTROX
My empire will also require crores of tonnes of titanium. Okay?
Applied DNA Sciences IncAPDN
This is an extremely high tech company, and I'll need their expertise as I conquer Terra. In order to keep tabs on entire populations , I will need a high end firm with the finest molecular analysis systems.
Air Products & Chemicals...APD
Industrial gases, many of which will be required for my research into advanced / alternative propulsion systems.
Steel Holding...AKS
" Carbon, Stainless, Nickel and exotic alloys in most products forms like Sheets, Strips, Plates, Bars - rounds, hexagon, square, rectangular, Pipes, tubes, fittings and flanges "
NASDAQ Telecommunication...IXTC
A global index of telecoms companies. Why not? Good way to spread yr money through a bunch of 'em.
Ellex Medical Lasers...ELX
wow heres an australian firm! for eyes. I just make eyes.
CSI China Mainland Real
what a way to become a trillionaire! Put yr money in the Chinese real estate index!
Stealth Ventures IncSLV.
i think this one is defunct...
ProShares UltraShort.Silver ..ZSL
another way to make money apparently.
Fujian Nanping Sun...
wires and cables .
Abbott LaboratoriesABT
a big medical mafia company. just get americans to eat vegetables!
China Metal Intl.
more metal suppliers for my galactic endevours.
worlds biggest poisoner, er, chemical producer. get into yr biodegradables mr basf and youll make even more more money!! Heres a big investment from matty.
Vertex Pharmaceuticals...VRTX
fighting cyctic firbrosis.
Energy Resources of...ERA
yeah, actually, dunnow bout this one. Must've been drunk. Its Australian Uranium.
ParkerVision, Inc.PRKR
cool electronics.
Oclaro IncOCLRComtech Telecomm. Corp.CMTL
China Telecom Corp...CHA
Bank of N.T. Butterfield...NTB

whelp, thats a fairly sordid bunch of firms really, but you know what? noone cares.

Friday, December 29, 2017

machine learning

some input:

)0 0 0   0 
  bk = jl df = se
the duck is brown
plant: print: press:

 4304904 90430 30497037047 304 50 0 3 0303707009703 3050037033oiy057 03570370335
45037 0380y30 303030097303
353b3o 0 090934 703039470 3070973097 3 307003 30930903 0  50379503703 3053090390003 350303970 730705730937003-  9 93 9739 39 593 93 9 7593697 93 83 5936 98 39 9 953649836 9 9 39all coadL
0380y30 303030097303

353b3o 0 090934 703039470 3070973097 3 307003 30930903 0  50379503703 3053090390003 350303970 730705730937003-  9 93 9739 39 593 93 9 7593697 93 83 5936 98 39 9 953649836 9 9 39all coadL

the duck is grey


Saturday, December 23, 2017

waffle .

the troof bout unployment

big data 

james clerk maxwell - metaphysical phenomenon

artificial intelligence - a modern approach

introduction to algo trading 

bung! bing! bang!
Lick it good, Schweizer, because algo trading and quantum cryptography and a good old coplanar waveguide with a split ring system is gonna up my square kilometer array. So, model on. And how do I overclock this here AMD?. Because it need it good. So, as a dead-on waffler, I am thinking on't.
What on earth is going on? I mean, grown human males, men with mothers, driving their cars and trucks into innocent civilians? At random?. Indiscriminately mowing down children? Oh! Its worse than terrorism! Its the sort of thing mentally ill drug addicts do! Every day!!!!
Oh dear.
Bark! Lark! Hark!
Hack on, hackster. I don't know, Iran. I don't know you, never did. And , oh yeah, of course, I don't want to either, tomato saucer.
So it's quasi-schizoid magical language time. Fapping on a soap box was our man, absolutely assured of a place in heaven, a pious slave of the lord, doing what the pious do. No, I'm wrong.
Enough negativity for one decade huh? Why must I constantly fixate on the bad stuff? Oh what a come down for y'all. I mean, thing is, I'm truly sorry, but, bad stuff keeps happening. It doesn't want to stop. It's extremely difficult to filter out. It's truly difficult to appear positive in a world like this. Maybe I should just block it all out, aggressively, like the white lighter positive-only purists. They just don't let it in, they divert it, cast it off with crystals, deny it. I find being around the purists difficult. I can literally feel what they are denying. I feel like i become what they are denying. Daoist thought suggests a balancing of dark and light for a clearer picture of reality.
If you are going to be mentally ill, please make sure you are rich, because only the very well-off can actually afford to be treated. Marvin Minsky. Vacuum networks. Babbage. Tachyon.